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Redefining the future of education.

Education has transcended the borders of classroom learning and has stepped into digital spaces. Unilearn has opened its digital doors for students of all classes through online classes, personalized tutoring, 3-dimensional teaching with conceptual clarity on fundamentals and others. Unilearn – The Ultimate Learning App - is all set to redefine the art of learning.

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Discover the magic of online learning

Welcome to online learning, where education is taking place on a different level. Students are getting greater clarity and insights on subjects; reinforcing what they have learnt through conceptual demonstration and recognizing their weaknesses and overcoming them. In other words, Unilearn - The Ultimate Learning App – is helping students grasp the fundamentals with clarity, ease and competence.

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Blended programs - where technology meets students

The new-age learning is exciting and all-encompassing. Technology is helping in blended learning programs that put together online and face-to-face interaction, enhancing the student’s scope of learning. The flipped classroom model is further pushing students to apply what they have learnt outside to discuss in the classrooms. Online learning is taking a gigantic leap.


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Comprehensive learning programs for students.Become lifelong learners with India’s best teachers, engaging videos lessons and personalised learning journeys.

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Daily Live Classes

Online learning is fun, intuitive and exciting. Multiple ways of exchanging knowledge beckon you. Chat with educators, ask questions, answer live polls, and participate in discussions – all this while the class is full-on running.

Practice and Revise

Learning has no boundaries. Whether it’s classroom or home. Benefits of online learning are you get to download lots of practice sections, mock tests and lecture notes to prepare and revise thoroughly.

Unilearn App Advantage

Specially Visualized Lessons

Specially visualized lessons presented in an engaging manner, giving students an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals.

Swift and Accelerated Training

Online tutoring, doubt- clarifications and up-close personal mentoring for a swift and accelerated training.

Lots of Practice and Mock tests

Lots of practice and mock tests specially designed for you to improve speed and comprehension.

20+ Boards

Unilearn assists students in excelling in different board exams across the country. This is inclusive of all major boards comprising ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE and others. That apart, Unilearn also caters to students of different state boards in the country.

55+ Competitive Exams

There are over 50 plus exams that students can take as per their career choice. Unilearn offers topnotch coaching and material for each of these competitive exams like NEET, IIT-JEE Main and Advanced, IAS, CA and others. Olympiads and Scholarship exams like IMO, NTSE, KVPY, etc. are also fully covered.

17+ Subjects

Across India, different schools offer different subjects. Moreover the languages differ too! Unilearn has factored in these varying aspects and offers teaching as well material for a wide array of subjects. Apart from covering all mainstream subjects like Math, physics, chemistry, biology, and others in detail, there’s also a lot of emphasis on language development and skills of different languages.

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